Sunday, December 8, 2013


Listening to intuition pays off. Things happen for a reason. Pulls. Nudges. Guidance. It's all there. I'm grateful for the nudges. I want to be a more trusting listener. Truly.

A little over a month ago I saw police officers outside of a former student's house, which led to an absolutely lovely Sunday with a darling young lady. I arrived at Zoe's this morning around 11. It must have been 2 years since we saw each other, and I hadn't seen her father in...6 years?? Has it really been that long? I wouldn't have recognized him on the street. Never ever. While shaking hands with him today and saying, "Nice to see you" I was second guessing myself. Have I ever met this man? Or is this an uncle...? I know some of my students' families intimately, but not him. He was very pleasant, it was nice to see him. Truly.

Zoey and I started our outing with pampering. There's nothing like quality girl time over mani/pedis. We left the nail spa and one of my favorite little people and I headed to the Huntington. My happy place. A place of complete joy and love. Learning. Blossoming. Listening.

She'd never been, and I thought she'd enjoy it, but one never knows for sure. I'm glad I trusted my gut. We had a delightful lunch in the Chinese Garden, and she couldn't wait to check out the Japanese Garden. She looked at pictures online ahead of time, how cute!

Aside from the obvious tour of gardens and art, we had some really good conversations. I learned a lot about Zoey, I'm hoping she got some insight into the world. I may have revealed some teacher secrets. But it was because I trusted my gut and believed it would help Zoey with her perspective. She's such a fantastically dazzling human being, it's so sad she has to be plagued with mind demons. I wish she could see how she appears to others, instead of her warped self-view. It's truly okay to be multi-faceted. That doesn't make you fake, it makes you adaptable. Teenage years and self-discovery are such a hard time, with or without a mother. I'm so glad she had a good relationship with her father. I also grateful she's interested in hanging out with her second grade teacher. She's a great kid and I'd like to be a part of her success. Beyond subtraction with regrouping.

The whole day was highlight worthy. A couple of standout moments . . .

* Z recalling staying after school to help and telling me she appreciated having that time. Although she couldn't be her true self, she was as close to her true self as she could be at school and it was the best time of her day. Better than when her mother finally picked her up. If she picked her up.

* Standing at the illusion mirror with the strange reflective heads. A baby shrieked on cue as Z turned the head to a bizarre, Medusa-esque head. We fell over laughing.

On a teacher note, there were oodles of proud moments throughout the day, but one moment on the way back to her house absolutely melted me. She told me she remembers the way I made concepts into a song or found helpful rhymes and she really appreciated it. She cited the grammar rap I taught them, and told me she still uses it to keep the parts of speech straight. I'm glad she tucked that into her mental toolbox. My teacher's aid told me the same thing a few years ago, after she froze on a basic grammar question on her CSET. She said she heard the grammar rap in her head and got it together. What can I say, it's a musical world and we're all just humming along.

I stopped at a YGB benefit in Santa Monica on the way home. Hummed along to the Krishna chants, ate some yummy Govinda's dinner, chatted with fellow yogis, and floated home.

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